A DISTINCTIVE RETREAT TO RELAX AND EXPLORE. Located at the foot of the Tablelands and nestled among the trees. King suite forest view room THOUGHTFUL DETAILS AND STYLISH COMFORT. Our suites connect you with nature, inside and out. INDULGE YOUR SENSE OF
Four seasons of touring in Gros Morne.
Worlds best new hotels 2022 - AFAR 1 of the 14 best sustainable new hotels in the world.
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Gros Morne Inn


Nestled in the forested hillside of Gros Morne National Park in Western Newfoundland and Labrador, the Gros Morne Inn welcomes guests from around the world to experience the region’s warm hospitality, breathtaking coastlines, and expansive mountain ranges.

Discover modern, luxurious accommodations, sustainably sourced seafood, and four seasons of outdoor adventure to connect with nature as you’ve never experienced before.

Boasting ocean and mountain views from each of its 15 guestrooms, the Inn’s interiors are inspired by the clean lines, natural light, and color palette from the surrounding environment, with local wildlife and marine artwork featured throughout.


From locally sourced coffee to handmade slippers in each room, luxurious touches and comfort-centric amenities can be found both inside the hotel and throughout the property. These include an outdoor spa space with cedar-jetted tubs and sauna, a grand patio for pristine dark sky viewing, walking trails that explore the eight-acre property, and more.

Finest, Freshest Foods

Panoramic Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Cedar Tubs

Patio Perfection

Fitness With a View

Comfort From Bed to Foot

Luxury in a Bar

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Where every meal, event, activity and amenity is carefully crafted for each guest individually.


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Sustainability is at the core of our mission.

With sustainability at the core of our mission, the Inn adheres to a circular business model by composting of unused foods, transitioning towards electric and hybrid vehicles, utilizing renewable energy like solar and hydroelectricity, and eliminating the use of single-use plastics. Our goal is to work towards net zero emissions for all our operations and tours.

Through our partnership with the Atlantic Healthy Oceans Initiative (AHOI), we’re working to become one of the only Ocean Wise Certified Seafood Partners in the province and a B Corp establishment.

We are Built Eco-Friendly

The Inn was renovated with natural materials and as much as possible was repurposed from the original structure… 

Sustainable Seafood and Locally Sourced Food

Our restaurant menu exclusively offers sustainably rated seafood…

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

A carbon tax is applied to any experiences booked through our sister companies…

Zero Plastic Waste Initiative

All our operations are a part of the Zero Plastic Waste Initiative…