Sustainability at our core.

Sustainability is at the core of Gros Morne Inn. It adheres to a circular business model by composting of unused foods, transitioning towards electric and hybrid vehicles, eliminating the use of single-use plastics, and utilizing renewable energy sources like solar and hydroelectricity. 

These combined efforts have resulted in Gros Morne Inn being Sustainable Tourism Gold Certified by Green Step.

Through our partnership with the Atlantic Healthy Oceans Initiative (AHOI), our restaurant Taste has become one of the only Ocean Wise Certified Seafood Partners in the province. 

Our goal is to work towards net zero emissions for all our operations and tours.

We Are Built


The Inn was renovated with natural materials and as much as possible was repurposed from the original structure. To avoid synthetic materials, the new floors are maple hardwood instead of laminate, and the bathrooms have ceramic tiles instead of vinyl as well as low flow toilets. All bedding is made of 100% organic materials including cotton and down. Furniture has been upcycled with a fresh layer of paint, and light fixtures are supplied with energy efficient bulbs. While propane is on demand for the lobby fireplace and kitchen, other energy comes from hydropower and more efficient heat pumps.


Seafood and Locally Sourced Food

Our restaurant menu exclusively offers sustainably rated seafood sourced from Ocean Wise as a certified seafood partner. The Ocean Wise logo can be found beside these menu items. Other menu items are collected directly from local farmers, fish harvesters, and butchers. Adhering to our circular economy business model, we utilize refillable containers with our partners.


Our Carbon Footprint

A carbon tax is applied to any experiences booked through our sister companies of Tour Gros Morne and Taste of Gros Morne for products that generate carbon emissions. The tax is donated to the Atlantic Health Oceans Initiative for its environmental programming to look after our oceans and coastal communities. There’s also educational programming available during our tour experiences for travelers to learn how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Zero Plastic

Waste Initiative

All our operations are a part of the Zero Plastic Waste Initiative for the Gros Morne Region in partnership with the Environment and Climate Change Canada Federal program. This program is in line with the circular economy model that Gros Morne Inn adheres to. Single-use plastics have been eliminated and reusable metal containers are used in place of plastic containers.